MOAC - Multiple Output Audio Controller

MOAC (feel free to suggest a better name) is a set of PHP scripts and a perl client/server application that along with several other programs is meant to control the output of multiple audio cards installed in a single machine through the web interface AND/OR a remote control using LIRC.

It uses multiple instances of the programs so you can for example listen to an MP3 in one room while listening to a shoutcast stream in another room, or you could listen to different MP3's in the different rooms.

The main thing I use it for is to play music in my bathroom while I take a shower, and to listen to music while in bed.
The general goal is to modularize the code somewhat so that various output devices can be adapted or work.

Currently it Requires:
MySql It uses a mysql database to keep information on the mp3's, netradio, and usbradio files.
MPD to play MP3's , it also uses the MPC client program from the same site to control the daemon, So get it also.
GetID3 to lookup the freedb info on mp3's to put them in the database for the mp3 player.
Mplayer for the streaming audio (Netradio) player.
LIRC for remote control functions. I currently use the ATI Remote Wonder II remote control. Its radio instead of IR and works well through walls.